A little smokehouse with a lot of heart!

Taino Smokehouse Pulled Pork Sandwich
Welcome, to Taino Smokehouse! A little smokehouse with a lot of heart! Our focus is hospitality and the craft of quality barbecue. We are using a few simple natural elements, salt, pepper, and fire. Barbecue starts simply with a fire... Once the fire matures and starts to produce a nice hot blue smoke, you know your meat is ready to be put on the pit. Taino Smokehouse house is working hard to bring purist bbq to the Northeast.

Taino Smokehouse is a full service restaurant which also provides catering. Please check out our site and let us know what you think.

Coming soon is our prime location in Meriden, Connecticut. We will be calling it Taino Prime. The restaurant will feature the first indoor open pit on the East Coast , Charcuterie, Cheese, Dry Aged Steaks, and a bakery.

HOSPITALITY is our number one goal. If you don't feel like you're family when you come in, we have a problem! If you ever have a problem no matter how big or small please contact the owner, Chris. Judge us not on our mistakes but how we respond to them.