We dry age in house! DRY AGED BEEF, one of only a handful in Connecticut.

One of the few beef dry aging rooms viewable from the dining room in the world...

Attention to Detail

Dry Aging is a process that ages beef to increase flavor and tenderness. We prefer to age our beef for 60 days, thoughout our testing this seemed to be the peak of perfection. Our dry aging room is held at steady 36 degrees, with a ultraviolet light, and Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is hygroscopic which takes water out of the air. In the process of dry aging water is the enemy. Our dry aging room is constantly removing moisture. Evaporative loss during dry aging is concentrates proteins and other compounds in muscle meat producing a roast, buttery, nutty flavour. The oxidation of lipids and the formation of volatile compounds may be of importance to some sensory aspects of dry Aged beef. Dry aged meat has increased in popularity in the high quality restaurant and retail markets. Dry aging causes a smaller yeild because of water loss. Due to the yield losses and quality improvements, the dry aged meat is expensive and very desirable. We only use Prime Angus striploin or ribeye steak cuts.

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Dry aging beef was practiced widely before the 1960’s and the introduction of plastic. Plastics were created around 1898 but didn’t become popular until 1953 when high-density polyethylene was created, this is the material your standard plastic bag is made of. Pre 1960’s Beef carcasses were hung in chillers with controlled temperature and relative humidity conditions. Aging in these conditions is believed to give beef a characteristic beefy, roast, buttery, nutty flavour. The processing parameters for dry Aging differ from the present day commercial Aging method known as Wet Aging.

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